Opening Hours

Hi, my name is Ralph, Dutch from Rotterdam. After more than one year of heavy migrane caused by stress tension from the back & neck and unsolved by the traditional dutch healthcare I visited a Thai massage and in 2 sessions my pain was solved. This made me very intrested in Thai massage, after some practice I decided to go to Thailand in 2019 for learning at the massage school and started in my home town Hellevoetsluis. in 2020 just a few days before the first pandemic lockdown… I started Nam Chok Thai massage in Knokke-Heist (now Nam Chai)
In the first few years I did many massages per day and also being busy with composing our team of professional therapists in the meantime.
I feel so lucky and blessed with the team of ladies now working with us. Daily they make big difference in the lives of our customers, wether it is for a cozy DUO massage, anti-stress/muscle relieve or the more medical/therapeutical massages, the daily reactions of customers and reading all the sweet 5* reviews shows that our professional massages exceed the expectations and needs and make a big difference.
We hear people make 50km and more journey to visit us.
So I am verry proud of our team!
In 2024 there will be much expansion so massages by me personally will only be possible on request and rest of the time I am busy in the office in Dubai as well as in our new locations in Holland, Belgium and Dubai.

If we can improve something please tell me, if you have had a good experience tell others.

Enjoy your visit with us.